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Historic Ships

Refitted and converted a considerable number of tall ships

Every task is carried out with respect for the vessel’s history

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The vessel’s history

Every ship has a history. Tall ships has got a long history. Therefore we like putting an effort into restoring these wonderful ships as they used to be.

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National heritage guidelines

We are used to work together with museums from countries in northern Europe and respect their different ways of handling matters. National rules and regulations are also well known within this division.

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Traditions within the field

Lots of traditions are bound to these historic ships. Our clients, who come here on a yearly basis, also know that we appreciate these traditions and even have our own.

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Planned maintenance

We have a number of clients who prefer coming here every winter with their historic ships. Several of them have got a 5-year plan for maintenance of their vessels. This is a good way of keeping your historic ship in good shape. We offer to assist you with the planning of the maintenance, so you are able to plan your budget from year to year.

Employing several craftsmen – specialized in these kind of vessels

With the right people on our hand means that we can carry out large projects within a very tight timeframe. Most vessels can be taken to indoor facilities for effective repair and extensive service.

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