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About us

We can assist with every aspect of a shipbuilding

Who we are and what we do

Our shipyard provides excellent solutions and can assist with every aspect of a shipbuilding project from planning, design, estimates of the building costs, firm pricing and realization of the approved project. Hvide Sande Shipyard has also specialised in restoration and maintenance of a wide range of vessels. Our experience is well-proven.

Our core values

Many can do a great job, a few can be excellent, and only one can win. And the desire to be the best is a mentality that runs through the entire organization at Hvide Sande Shipyard. Our company culture is defined by the following values: Credibility, very satisfied Customers, and very satisfied employees. These are the values that guide our daily operations and form the foundation of all decisions.


All external and internal stakeholders should feel a sense of credibility and reliability when they interact with Hvide Sande Shipyard. They should always be confident with their choice of partner.


We want to be a reliable partner for all stakeholders. When doing business with Hvide Sande Shipyard you can rely on the fact that we will always do everything possible to uphold our agreements.


We value talent, and we believe that it is the way to provide truly excellent solutions. That’s why we strive to attract committed and talented people and to develop the talents and skills of all members of the organization.

Since 1950

With a central location to offshore activities in the North Sea, Hvide Sande Shipyard has built and serviced ships and manufactured advanced and complex steel and aluminum structures on- and offshore since the 1950s.


We are present to do the good work that contributes to a sustainable transition

Company goals

We take great pride in surpassing our customers’ expectations and do more than it takes to be a reliable and professional supplier. Teamwork and the will to win is our recipe for success and excellent service.

We must run a credible business
We must ensure VERY satisfied customers
We must ensure VERY satisfied employees
It must be fun to work at Hvide Sande Shipyard
We must grow progressively with an appropriate risk profile
In 2026 we strive to be market-leading within green ship technology