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Pit-stop service

A flexible and efficient service setup

In need of a quick stop-and-go service?

Inspired by the racing car industry, we have introduced a concept in the service and repair division called “Pit-Stop Service”. This service is developed to cater to the specific needs of service vessels for offshore wind farms or oil rigs, especially crew transfer or supply vessels.

Our shipyard has app. 8,500 m² covered production and maintenance facilities, 16 slipway tracks, 4 covered slipway tracks inside the production and service facilities, surface treatment sheds with heating and humidity control facilities.

This enables us to optimize service- and production time and deliver professional workmanship on time – every time.

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Jesper Vejlgaard


We have never, to date, been unable to turn around our vessels on time

… despite challenges encountered once out of the water, the co-operation at Hvide Sande is first class.”

– Colin Thompson, Operations Manager, Mainprize Offshore Limited