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NB 147 – Nordsoen

Nordsoen, Denmark


Vessel typeSpecial purpose vessel
Vessel nameNordsoen
DeliveryAugust 2022
DescriptionInspection vessel, for inspection of fishing vessels in the North Sea
Hull materialSteel
Tonnage1250 GT
Length over all63,95 meter
Breadth beam11,20 meter
Depth6,00 meter
Passengers14 passengers / Crew
Main engines2 pcs 1780 kW Man 175D
ESU (Batteries)610 kWh, Hybrid
Aux. EngineN/A
Speed(knots)18,00 knots
Propulsion2 pcs. Schottel SRE360 CP (1500kW)
ClassificationDNV:+A1, EO, Battery (Power), Ice E, Clean, Comfort (V1)
Other equipment1 pcs. Schottel SRT1000 RIM Thruster. Wärtsila bridge and automation system. Kongsberg Aquarius fin stabilizers. 40T towing winch