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Fulton af Marstal, Denmark

The National Museum of Denmark and Hvide Sande Shipyard have been working together for more than three decades to maintain the historic schooner Fulton af Marstal.

The partnership was initiated in the winter of 1991/92 when the National Museum of Denmark, which owns the 1915 schooner, and the Fulton Foundation were looking for a shipyard capable of restoring and maintaining wooden ships.

Fulton restoration and maintenance

Preserving maritime heritage

Each year, when Fulton af Marstal begins her annual maintenance ritual at Hvide Sande Shipyard, the partnership is a testament to the mutual trust and dedication between the ship’s crew and the shipyard’s craftsmen.

After more than 30 years of cooperation, we are still proud to be a part of preserving the maritime heritage that inspires future endeavors in shipbuilding and restoration.

Restoration and routine maintenance

Restoration work, such as straightening the keel, replacing frames and cladding, helps Hvide Sande Shipyard gain detailed knowledge of the ship’s structure, form, special boatbuilding techniques and solutions typical of the period and type.

All maintenance work on the schooner Fulton has been carefully planned and carried out without interrupting the schooner’s service.

Over the years, routine maintenance such as hull repairs, frame replacements, and sheathing installations have not only preserved the vessel, but also enriched our knowledge base of traditional shipbuilding techniques.

This meticulous approach, guided by a shared commitment to preserving the ship’s authenticity while adapting to modern operational requirements, has fostered a fruitful collaboration.

Fulton of Marstal

Seamless coordination

Captain Jakob Jensen, who celebrated his 20th anniversary as skipper in 2022, testifies to the seamless coordination between Fulton’s crew and the shipyard, praising our ability to address maintenance needs promptly to ensure that Fulton’s service was not interrupted.

Shipyard CEO Carl Erik Kristensen echoes these sentiments, fondly recalling the hard but rewarding work carried out during the cold winters.

Fulton history

The schooner Fulton was built in 1915 in Marstal on the island of Ærø and originally sailed around most of Europe carrying salted cod.

Fulton’s historical significance extends beyond her maritime heritage; since the 1970s she has served as a training ship for troubled young people, helping them to find a good direction in life.

Today, Fulton remains true to her heritage, serving as a charter vessel and inviting school groups to experience the charm of traditional sailing.

Learn more about Fulton af Marstal at the official Fulton homepage and at the National Museum of Denmark.

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