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Fulton – Marstal, Danmark

The schooner Fulton was built in Marstal in 1915 and originally sailed with saltfish in most of Europe.
Later, it has a history as a school ship and is operated today under the same spirit as a “charter schooner”.

The National Museum owns the schooner, and it is today operated by the Fulton Foundation. First in the 1990s they were looking for a shipyard that had the professional competence and experience in building and maintaining wooden vessels. Attention fell on Hvide Sande Shipyard. Here there was a real so-called cutter factory that build ships that can withstand both being used for commercial purposes and in the event of bad weather on the North Sea.

So, Fulton arrived at Hvide Sande Shipyard for the first time 30 years ago. For 3 decades, the schooner has called at Hvide Sande for carrying out keel hauling and life-extending maintenance.

Restoration tasks such as keel straightening, replacement of frames and cladding, help to give Hvide Sande Shipyard a detailed knowledge of the ship’s structure, shape, special boat techniques and – for its time and type – typical solutions. All maintenance tasks around the schooner Fulton have been carried out, carefully planned and without the schooner having had a break in operation.